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Go Green on Halloween

Tips for a Healthier Halloween
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So Halloween is right around the corner, and we still need to fix our sweet tooth to satisfy our Halloween cravings.
Today I am giving you some safe non-toxic greener choices this Halloween. Whether they are for your kids or yourself, my ideas are the best way to protect yourself and your family this Halloween with some healthy candy to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Choosing  healthier alternatives are great so your kids are not feeling “deprived” this halloween. Also, you don’t want your kids to trip out when suddenly their halloween bag is mysteriously missing!

If you feel passionately about giving out a more traditional treat, but want to keep it healthy and green, you’ve got a lot of options. The goal with choosing candy is to think outside the conventional candy box, which means applying the same criteria for candy that you would for any food: look for organic, all-natural, dye-free ingredients. Here are some green choices to add to your list…

#1. Annies Organic, fruit-juice sweetened gummy chews and Yummy earths organic gummy bears:  You can find these at any health food store or market.  Buying organic gummies will ensure that your candy doesn’t contain GMO beet sugar. Annie’s organic bunny fruit snacks, is a good choice along with yummy earth organic gummy bears.





#2. Fair Trade,Organic chocolates: There are more and more fair-trade organic chocolate companies popping up every day, so you have more of a selection when choosing a chocolate of this caliber. Giddy Yoyo is by far my favourite raw chocolate. Their chocolate has a flavor like no other. They have a fabulous selection of chocolate bars ( 12 flavours) that are raw, organic, delicious, and beyond fair trade. Get giddy!



#3. Organic Lollipops colored with natural food dyes: Lollipops that use natural food coloring from vegetable colors, like turmeric, and purple carrots, give the same brightly colored joy of standard lollipops, without all the nasty health threats like ADHD and behavioral problems linked to artificial food dyes. Yummy Earth’s organic lollipops are a good choice.


#4. Natural Gum- Not only does chewing gum promote tooth decay, but is loaded with toxic chemicals, colours and aspartame. Choose healthier natural alternatives this Halloween such as Glee gum.



More great ideas for edible halloween treats…

Organic juice boxes

Organic apple sauce snack packs

Boxes of organic raisins

Trial size packs of dried veggie chips

Organic granola/breakfast bars by Natures path




You don’t need to necessarily give out candy on Halloween. Kids love finding toys and trinkets in their bag too! So don’t be hesitant to give out treasures instead of candy this Halloween.

Here are some treasures you can give out this halloween…

Temporary tattoos



Coins ( nickels, dimes, quarters )

Cookie cutters


Fake jewels (lead free)


Play dough

Silly putty


Hope these suggestions help make halloween healthier for you and your family. Heathy choices make the healthiest kids. So don’t feel discouraged this halloween. As you can see there are many healthy treats and trinkets that you can hand out.  Just think outside the candy box, and put the green in halloween!

With Love and Gratitude, 

Laura XO