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Heal your Life-Interview with Naturopath, Dr. Aloel Cristal

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Aloel is a doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. She received her ND Diploma in 1996, after graduating from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Prior to that, she worked as a Trauma and Orthopedic surgeon in Moscow, Russia, specializing in sports trauma and children’s trauma and orthopedics.

She runs a naturopathic medicine clinic in Thornhill, and have been helping people attain better levels of health and life quality for more than 13 years.Together with the hundreds of patients that started in the beginning of her practice, and those who have joined over the years, she has gained deeper knowledge and understanding of how to create and maintain good health and longevity.

The purpose of this interview is to show you that your body is actually very intricate machine, and there is more aspects to look at when trying to attain good health. We are not just a physical body. we are spiritual beings. Our conscious and unconscious minds are more powerful than you think, and our ability to control them is possible. If you change your thoughts, you change your life.

In this interview you will learn how you can heal your body with alternative medicine, and  spiritual practices.Hope this gets you inspired.

Heres the scoop!

  1. What is the purpose of your practice?My main task is to assist people in finding ways to improve their health on all levels and in all aspects of their lives – to help them reach a greater sense of fulfilment and purpose, realize fully their creative and spiritual potential, and unfold their unlimited capabilities. The key benefits of my practice are that I work with the organism not against it, that I help people find the true causes of their problems and direct healing towards the root of the problem rather than the symptoms, and that I view healing as an opportunity to attain the greatest sense of inner freedom and life satisfaction.
  1. How did you get started? What is your reason for starting this practice? From the very beginning of my practice, even since being in Naturopathic College, I have been trying to understand why people become ill. I constantly observed the disease process in patients hoping to find clues that would shed some light onto the nature of human illness and would eventually help me to identify the most effective ways to help those who are unwell.   It took me a very long time to come to these few conclusions: 1. Any illness is a creation of its Master, i.e. the person who is afflicted with this illness; 2. Deep causes are usually represented by inner unresolved psycho-emotional conflicts, absorbed psycho-emotional trauma and distorted beliefs, and supported by dis-harmonious negative thinking patterns; 3. Any illness is an expression of these distorted states of consciousness, and an attempt of the physical organism to adapt to them; 4. No doctor can heal another person – only a sick individual can heal him- or herself from within; 5. In order to heal, one must change on very deep levels. The true role of any physician is to be a teacher to his or her patient, showing them ways they can learn about who they are, identify their deep problems, change themselves, and become a more developed, balanced being, living harmoniously in accordance with Universal Laws. Thus, healing becomes an integral part of one’s life journey, and a life-long process. My true role as a practitioner is to teach a person how to do that.
  2. Can you describe a basic patient consultation? During the consultation patients receive the most thorough assessment, diagnosis is being made, and appropriate plan of treatment is being discussed. One of the most effective treatments that I can offer is to provide a patient with knowledge and some simple techniques that help him or her to deepen and broaden their understanding and awareness of themselves, which enables them to change on deep levels. As they start to change and align themselves with Universal patterns of harmony, the physical healing commences automatically.   In order for a patient to start on their true healing journey he or she first has to assume a 100% responsibility for his or hers life and health. This is one of the most important pre-requisites for real healing.
  1.  What modalities do you use? One of the Assessment tools I use is Auricular Medicine. I am convinced that Auricular Medicine is one of the most sophisticated modern diagnostic techniques developed up to date in the World.  It is based on the same algorithm as a computer and uses our organism as such. This non-invasive and extremely accurate method of assessment allows one to receive information about the condition of an organism on all levels – physical, energetic, psycho-emotional and spiritual. The information comes in the priority sequence, i.e. most disturbing, acute, or most significant problems show up first, and then, as layers of pathology are being shed off, – more latent, chronic and long-standing problems reveal themselves in order to be removed. One of the most important and strongest features of this method is the ability to identify so-called blockages to self-regulation: i.e. energetic signatures of past traumatic events, unresolved psycho-emotional conflicts etc. that remain stored indefinitely in specific structures of the Central Nervous System, as well as in Subtle Bodies and the physical body, causing all sorts of chronic physical and psycho-emotional problems. Using Auricular Medicine it is possible to find the most appropriate homeopathic remedy (remedies) that resonate with the corresponding blockage (or blockages), thus erasing the vibrational “memory” of this past event and removing this blockage. Sometimes, when this happens people go through certain reactions, physical (temporary exacerbation of existing symptoms) or non-physical (very vivid dreams, increased emotional sensitivity with crying, irritability or angry outbursts), all of which represent the process of release of the suppressed energy of the traumatic past event. This method also allows me to identify any possible food sensitivities, as well as find compatibility between any substance and the organism.When creating the most appropriate treatment program, I use this same method to arrive at the specific remedy(-ies), testing each substance or supplement according to three parameters: biological compatibility (to see if this substance is generally biologically compatible with this person), efficacy (that it will be effective for this person in this condition at this moment) and tolerability (to see that it will not produce any side effects).
  2. Dark field microscopy. Another diagnostic technique designed to accurately assess the biological terrain of the organism. The underlying principles of the approach are based on the fact that our biological tissues are not sterile and our organism exists in the states of flexible equilibrium in relationship with certain microorganisms, that are non-pathogenic for as long as the terrain of the body supports this non-pathogenic state of development of these organisms. As soon as the body’s bio-physical and bio-chemical condition changes, these microorganisms mutate into other, often pathogenic forms. The most likely factors that may influence this shift towards pathogenicity of internal microflora are increase in toxicity, acidosis (usually resulting from excess consumption of animal protein, sugar and white flower), and decrease in tissue rH2 or increased resistivity.I examine a drop of “live” blood under the special microscope and can visually assess the state of blood’s elements which reflect directly and indirectly global biochemical and biophysical status of the organism.
  3. Homeopathy-Being one of the most intricate, and least researched (or may be just least understood) out of methods of treatment that Naturopathic Doctors use in their practice, Homeopathy nevertheless keeps being one of the most reliable and powerful means of healing. When everything else fails to produce long lasting effect (being superficial in its application), – Homeopathy sometimes slowly and gently, sometimes very fast moves people to higher levels of health on all levels.    Homeopathic remedies are not chemical in nature, but rather bio-energetic, bio-physical. Each pellet carries a specific charge with certain vibrational characteristics. When introduced into an organism having the same vibrational characteristics as a certain remedy or a combination of remedies, effect of resonance is being produced, which erases vibrational memory of past traumatic event(s).Thus, energetic blockages to healing are being removed, bio-energetic state of the organism improves, and healing is being commenced.

Every so-called disease is a “creation” of its Master.

Once you understand and realize your healing journey and it’s positive potential, you will be able to release the need to hold on to things that no longer serve you.

Then healing follows. Healing can come only from within.

Appropriate external assistance can greatly enhance and speed up that inner process, but it can by no means replace all the inner work that is required on the part of the person who is seeking health.

Many Naturopathic Doctors and Holistic Nutritionists follow their own philosophies; nevertheless, the belief in the Healing Power of Nature is what unites us all.

I really dig Aloel’s approach to healing.Much Gratitude to Aloel for this interview. xo

With Love and Gratitude,