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Skin Essence-Nourish

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Featured Company : Skin Essence

Featured Product: Serum ‘Nourish’

I love that Skin Essence is a Canadian company and is local to me in the city of Toronto.

This company is 100% organic, has no fillers, is eco-friendly, supports fair-trade and  all ingredients are cold pressed. Ahh-mazing!  If you are looking for 100% natural and organic skin care, you’ve found it.

The price point is fantastic for the quality of these products,  and the results they give. They are totally affordable.

I love their serum called Nourish. For oily/combination  and aging skin.

That’s essentially what it does, it nourished the skin and you can see the results and feel them almost immediately. I have combination skin, and I love how this hydrates my skin perfectly. It balances everything out without leaving a greasy film.

After about a week of using this stuff, I can’t imagine your life without it.

My skin glows all day long without looking slick. People have actually commented on how amazing my skin looks. It looks so youthful.  Love this serum!

Nourish is abundant in rosehip seed oil and neroli, these ingredients are amazing at stimulating and rejuvenating skin cells, for deep penetrating moisture right where you need it the most.

This serum is also rich in Vitamin C, which aids in stimulating collagen production. This will create more elasticity in the skin. Natural facelift anyone?

Apply after you have cleansed and toned your face. Skin should be moist when applying.

Can be applyed morning/evening.

Since I have been using nourish, I find my skin looking more youthful, it feels soft and smooth, and is deeply moisturized. I never ever have issues with dry skin when I’m using nourish, I get the GLOW.


It’s fantastic as a makeup remover! Removes every little bit of that stubborn mascara and eyeliner, as it moisturizes the most sensitive part of your face at the same time, your eyes.

It also adds shine and moisture to your hair. I usually add one squirt to my hands and rub them together. The I run my fingers through my ends. This helps with dryness and frizz.

This is truly an amazing product!

Nourish is definitely a staple in my bathroom that is here to stay.  Check out their website for more products and information.

With Love and Gratitude,