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About Laura


Hi, I’m Laura, and welcome to Love Food Gratitude! Thank you for visiting!  It’s my pleasure to cook, teach, share, and learn with you.

I am a Certified Holistic nutritionist that has a passion for food, nutrition, cooking, kids, nature,  and life.  I am also a mom to a beautiful 6 year old girl. What an amazing yet challenging experience it is to be a mom. Talk about soul growth!

My goal is to inspire you to lead a healthier life style and empower you as an individual. Here, I will be sharing my passion for delicious healthy recipes, nutrition & natural beauty tips, helpful tools for parents, and ways to improve your mind body soul connection. I believe we can only truly heal on a holistic level.

The food I create for my family is simple and nutritious. I appreciate you being part of this journey with me, and I am so grateful and honoured that you are here to share it with me. I hope you too will find pleasure and joy in good food and enlightenment of self.

So stay tuned and enjoy the ride.

With Love & Gratitude,